About the Author

I have been practicing martial arts in one form or another for most of my life. At one time or another, I’ve practiced karate, sport fencing, aikido, kenjutsu, Destreza, taiji, taikiken, kali, and kung fu. I consider Suisha Ryu kenjutsu to be my primary form, though I am currently practicing Wan Yi Chuan kung fu. I have been granted a nidan ranking in kenjutsu, and I teach a number of students as senpai, but I do not have a menkyo kaiden.

I make no claims to being even competent at anything related to martial arts, much less expert. This blog is not intended to be a pulpit from which pronouncements are made to be consumed by the adoring public. The name of the blog is Martial Traveler not because I travel (though I’d like to – stupid real world…) but because I consider myself a traveler along what the Japanese call the Way. I am ahead of some people and behind many others.

I intend this blog as a repository for the insights that occur to me as I travel the Way. Hopefully, my personal journey will be recorded here, and ideally I would like these insights to help (or at least amuse) others who may look at certain issues differently. I make no claims to being “right” (if such a thing even exists) – what I post on this blog is my current understanding of the topic. My understanding evolves, so I may even contradict myself; that doesn’t mean the earlier posts are wrong, just based on a more superficial understanding.

There are no shortcuts along the Way. We all climb the same mountain – some paths are straighter and steeper, and others wind around. Each of us travels as far as he or she chooses to, and tries to give a helping hand to our fellow travelers.


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